5 coaches that could eventually replace Pete Carroll with the Seahawks

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Seahawks replacement for Pete Carroll No. 4: Jim Harbaugh

I am still surprised whenever I mention Harbaugh as a potential next head coach for the Seahawks. Maybe it's because he has a stern demeanor and once coached the rival San Francisco 49ers. Maybe there are just a lot of Ohio State fans nationally and therefore the Buckeye fans hate Jim Harbaugh. But honestly, what is there to greatly dislike?

Harbaugh is a winner. He never had a losing record in San Francisco, even though his last team went 8-8. In his first three years with the 49ers, his teams won at least 11 games. His 2012 team went to the Super Bowl though they lost to the Baltimore Ravens and Jim's brother John.

Harbaugh even knows how to create good defenses. Every year with the 49ers, his teams ranked 10th or better (mostly better as in two seasons the team was second and one year it was third) in points allowed. Except for his fourth and final year, the 49ers ranked 11th in points scored. And this might be a little thing, but Harbaugh knows when to challenge a call made by the officials. He never ranked worse than third in successful challenges.

I realize Harbaugh is currently having a recently highly successful run at his alma mater, Michigan. But if Harbaugh, who is 59 years old, wants to leave and go back to the NFL, he can. It seems that one day he probably will return and there would be no better place for him to go than to the Seahawks. If 12s want their favorite team to keep winning games, Harbaugh will help them get that.