Seahawks 2024 7-round mock draft: John Schneider stands pat and wins

No trades still churns out huge gains.
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Day three selections address the offensive line

I was able to get standout center-guard prospect Jackson Powers-Johnson in a couple of my other mock drafts. In this instance, he was gone before selection 16 rolled around. Sometimes the dice roll your way, and sometimes - well, I'm not gonna cry about getting Byron Murphy. But as happy as I was to get him and Jenkins, the Seahawks have to get help at guard. We're not sure if Anthony Bradford is the answer, and I'm pretty sure Tremayne Anchrum isn't a long-term solution.

So with the 102nd pick of the 2024 draft, I selected Kansas tackle Dominick Puni. The 6'5" 313 lb redshirt senior played exclusively at left guard in 2022, then moved to left tackle last year. In 1,593 snaps in his two seasons as a Jayhawk, Muni allowed just one QB hit and zero sacks. He began his collegiate career at Central Missouri, but lost the 2020 season to the COVID shutdown, then was redshirted with an injury in 2021.

Although he's listed as 22.5 years old by PFF, that seems a bit unrealistic, given that he was a freshman in 2018. Other sources list his birthdate as February 24, 2000, so we'll go with that. Most sources, including Pro Football Network, list Muni as a day two draft prospect. PFF ranks him as the 96th overall prospect, the consensus Big Board at number 89, and NFL Draft Buzz at 87. According to the draft gurus, one of his few weaknesses has been pass protection at tackle. The stats, eight hurries with zero hits or sacks, don't exactly bear that out. But that's why he's generally projected to move inside as a pro. Suits me, and the Seahawks, just fine.

Just a bit over a dozen picks later I drafted a true mauler at guard, Kansas State's Cooper Beebe. There must be something in the water out there, or maybe it's all that wheat and beef. For the record, Beebe's Wildcats beat Muni's Jayhawks last year, 31-27, after pounding them 47-27 in 2022. Should make for some good-natured rivalry on the Seahawks. As for the 6'3" 322 lb Beebe, the consensus Big Board ranks him as the fourth interior line prospect and the 61st overall prospect. He's already on our radar at 12th Man Rising, as you can read on Lee Vowell's profile of the potential week one starter.

He grades out at the 100th percentile in pass blocking and the 92nd in run blocking, according to NFL Draft Buzz. That could be why they rank him as the 45th overall prospect. As their scouting report states, "His combination of power, smarts, and technique sets him apart as a premier guard prospect," and "NFL teams on the hunt for a plug-and-play guard with elite pass-blocking chops will see Beebe as a cornerstone piece, ready to step in and elevate their offensive line unit."

Depending on your source, he either gave up one or two sacks in the past three seasons combined. Even Pro Football Focus, which ranks him the lowest of any draft site, cites his high football IQ as a prime factor in their projection for a long NFL career. In the fourth round, that's a win!