Seahawks come up with all studs in thrilling Week 15 win over the Eagles

  • Seattle plays some D!
  • K9 gets the ball
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The Seahawks running game returns with authority - and a healthy K-9

Kenneth Walker III is a bit of a difference-maker, huh? For once, the Hawks supposed run-heavy offense actually stuck with the run, and it paid serious dividends. Walker was kept in check by the Eagles defense in the first half, as he had just 19 yards rushing on seven carries at the break.

As he got a few more opportunities, and a few more looks in the second half, he was able to burst through the line for big gains. More often, he'd make two or three cuts, shed a tackle or three, and move the chains again. K-9 added 67 yards in the second half, highlighted by an impressive 23-yard touchdown run. Hey, more credit to Lock, as he threw a decent block on the play.

The running game wasn't the only part of the Seahawks offense that came back to life in the second half. Late in the game, the broadcast team lamented that DK Metcalf had been a virtual no-show for nearly the entire contest. Until the fourth quarter, Metcalf had pulled in one pass for eight yards. That's when DK went to work. The game-winning drive was less a showcase for Lock's passing than for his receivers' hands. On second and five, Metcalf caught a ball with one hand and his hip. Then he reeled in a 34-yard pass that hung just a bit too long. Good thing DK is 6 foot 20 and can jump.

I do want to point out an error in Lee Vowell's prediction of this game. Okay, he was right that Metcalf would have two splash plays. Kenneth Walker did have a long run, and I suppose if you add his receiving yards, okay, he had a 100-yard game. But Seattle did not pull off a late 21-20 victory, so there! Hah, who looks like an idiot now?

Oh, yeah, me. Okay, so back to the stuff that matters. JSN all night and every night. He caught all four of his targets, none bigger than his fingertip 31-yard game-winning touchdown. Just as impressive was the route he ran to get open. That was a stud play, indeed.