Seahawks all-time great to be featured in unique edition of 'Hard Knocks'

Seattle has never appeared on 'Hard Knocks' but one important former player will be appearing on a new version of the program.
Seattle Seahawks fan
Seattle Seahawks fan / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks have never appeared on the popular show Hard Knocks. The team was apparently asked to be the focus of the program for the 2013 season (which, as things turned out, would have been pretty awesome), but general manager John Schneider and former head coach Pete Carroll said, "No, thanks." Seattle had no chance of being on Hard Knocks this year because the team has a new head coach.

That won't stop some former Seahawks appearing on a new version of the series. In previous years, Hard Knocks was just, well...Hard Knocks. Then the program expanded to having a preseason part and an in-season aspect. In 2024, the series will also have an offseason focus which features the New York Giants.

To change things up further, HBO (or Max or whatever it is called nowadays) is going to have a version called Hard Knocks: In Season. This won't just focus on a single team but instead will feature an entire division. This year that will be the AFC North.

Seahawks fans might be interested in watching Hard Knocks: In Season because of the Russell Wilson fun

This is of interest to 12s because that means the best quarterback in Seahawks history, Russell Wilson, will play a part. After getting bounced out of Denver after playing for the Broncos for two failed seasons, Wilson signed with the Steelers this offseason. He is expected to be QB1 for Pittsburgh but will be chased by veteran Justin Fields for that position.

Hard Knocks: In Season won't start until some point during the year which means Wilson will already have had a chance to show the Steelers he could be a long-term answer for them at quarterback. If he is struggling, things could be juicy on the show. A Fields versus Wilson battle is a real possibility.

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Not that we want Russell Wilson to fail. How well or poorly he does no longer has any bearing on the Seahawks. But 12s know how Wilson acts so watching how HBO/MAX narrates his storyline should be interesting.

Maybe some 12s would rather see what former Seattle players Devin Bush and Germain Ifedi talk about for the Cleveland Browns, but that seems less likely to be entertaining. Ifedi left years ago. Bush hardly played in his one season with Seattle, and he should have never been signed anyway.

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