4 Seahawks who'll benefit most from John Schneider's roster overhaul

These four players might have huge seasons in 2024.

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The Seattle Seahawks have had a more chaotic offseason than any in the last 14 years. The coaching staff has changed, the roster has seen a lot of turnover, and John Schneider is fully in charge of roster decisions for the first time ever.

Seattle will have new starters at linebacker and mostly new at safety. The offensive line is still a work in progress but will also have a lot of changes. Seattle has a new offensive line coach, Scott Huff, one hopes can take whatever pieces are given to him and mold them into a good unit.

But while many players are gone from 2023, some players who could have important years are returning. Of the players on this list, one is fan-favorite. The others could end up being that way, however, with great production next season.

Seattle Seahawks right guard Anthony Bradford should be happy

The Seattle Seahawks offensive line is clearly an issue currently, so much so that new head coach Mike Macdonald fielded a question about it at the NFL's owners meetings this week. Macdonald had to make sure 12s understood the line was still a work in progress and what fans see now might not be how the line ends up being. Currently, Seattle has one sure thing in Charles Cross at left tackle and then a bunch of ifs.

But after Seattle was not overly aggressive in free agency in general, but specifically not with the offensive line, Bradford should feel pretty good about himself. Seattle only signed Nick Harris and Tremayne Anchrum, Jr., and neither player is truly capable of taking Bradford's spot as a starter in 2024. Even if Seattle signs another guard somehow, that player will probably be a left guard and not one for the right side.

But Bradford still needs to prove he can play at a high level. While rookies can take a bit of time to acclimate to the league, Bradford was especially bad in 2023. In terms of pass-blocking, he was the eighth-worst-graded guard in the league, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). He allowed 28 total pressures in 419 pass-block snaps. That's bad, but Bradford seems set to start full-time next season.