3 best Seattle Seahawks players who never made a Pro Bowl

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The Seattle Seahawks have been around since 1976 and have mostly been better than average. The players Seattle has had elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is an ever-growing group and the number already inducted will likely be joined soon by a few Legion of Boom members. But not all Seahawks over the history of the franchise have been appreciated enough.

While the Pro Bowl game itself hasn't ever been something many players longed to play in (heck, Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman once flew back from Hawaii, where the game was held, in the third quarter in 1993), the honor of making the Pro Bowl was and is still special. Being voted to the Pro Bowl means you are among the best in the NFL at your position in any given year, and is a memorable experience. While the game itself no longer exists as it did, the acclaim remains the same.

There are a bunch of Seattle players that have made the Pro Bowl at least four times. Walter Jones and Russell Wilson made the Pro Bowl nine times in a Seahawks jersey. But there are three Seattle players who should have earned the honor but never did.

Seattle Seahawks receiver Joey Galloway never made the Pro Bowl

Joey Galloway is one of the best receivers in Seattle history and he only played five seasons with the team. He was immediately productive with 1,039 yards receiving and 7 touchdown catches in his rookie season of 1995. In 1997, he had 1,049 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns. The TD number was second-best in the league.

Galloway still ranks seventh all-time for Seattle in receiving yards (4,457), fifth in touchdown receptions (37), and ninth in receptions (283). But, of course, players don't make the Pro Bowl simply because they are better than the players on their own team. But even in 1997 and 1998 (when Galloway was sixth in the league in touchdown catches with 10), he was good enough compared to other players in the NFL to earn a Pro Bowl nod.

Galloway was just as good later in his career after he had left Seattle. In 2005, if Galloway's age-34 season, he had 1,287 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns and yet he still didn't make the Pro Bowl. He finished his career with 11,446 total yards and that is more than any other player to never be elected an all-star.