3 biggest winners and losers from Seattle Seahawks final roster decisions

The Seahawks initial 53-man roster has quite a bit of talent.

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The Seattle Seahawks 2023 roster was set earlier this week. There is quite a bit of talent on the team, but with some position groups that seem much weaker than others. Here's looking at you, defensive line.

Of course, teams play as cohesive units so even if the defensive line isn't all that great, they might get picked up by the play of the linebackers or the safeties. Seattle has enough talent to overcome deficiencies and make another playoff run. As long as the key players don't get injured, of course.

But which individual players were winners or losers from the decisions that Seattle made when setting the roster? How might it affect the future with the team? Here are two players who should feel good about their spots, and one who shouldn't.

Seahawks winner No. 1 - Receiver Dareke Young

Young flashed a bit of ability in the last game of the 2022 season when he had 2 catches against the Los Angeles Rams. He also showed a little wiggle and quickness when he had the ball in his hands. For a player who had been very good on special teams throughout the season, he didn't really have any opportunities to prove what he could do offensively until Week 18.

Young, unfortunately, has had a hip issue for most of August which appears to be a sports hernia. There was a feeling that Young might be out for some time, maybe even land on PUP or IR, and miss much of the season at least. But Young was on the initial active roster and wasn't placed on PUP a day after the roster was announced.

This appears to mean many things. One is that the Seahawks clearly have faith in him moving forward or they would have released him and see if he made it through waivers and was signed to the practice squad. Another is that Seattle might think Young is ready to play within a few weeks of the season starting. Lastly, because of the first two points, Young remaining on the roster is a sure sign that Pete Carroll and his coaches really like what Young can do and he might have more opportunities to catch some passes in 2023.