5 bold predictions for the Seattle Seahawks 2023 NFL draft

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There is no reason to think the 2023 NFL draft should not be a smashing success for the Seattle Seahawks. But will it be? That's the exciting part, right? No one knows!

If Seattle chooses a draft class anywhere close to how good the 2022 one appears to be then Seattle could be a contender by 2024. I would say 2023 but it normally does take a season for rookies to acclimate to the speed and power of the NFL. Seattle could grab four or five long-term starters in this draft but those players may not start immediately.

What follows isn't anything I am saying I know will happen. Like you, dear reader, I don't know any more about what the Seahawks will do in this draft than even most of the people in the Seattle organization. That's because Seattle doesn't know what will happen with the teams that have draft picks in front of them. Still, here are five guesses at what I think the Seahawks will do.

Bold prediction No. 1: Seattle Seahawks trade back from number 20 and take a QB

The Seattle Seahawks will choose a quarterback in the 2023 NFL draft and take one relatively early. But I don't think the team takes one at number 5. First of all, Seattle needs better talent at several defensive positions, and if I know that then obviously smarter people like general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll know that. I expect Seattle to take a defensive player at 5.

I also think Seattle stands pat at pick 5 and doesn't trade back. But pick 20 is ripe for moving back and adding even more draft capital. The Seahawks will stay in the first round and pick up another second-round choice as well.

Seattle will switch places with the Cowboys, move back to pick 26, and also get pick 58 overall, and with number 26 Seattle will choose Tennessee quarterback Hendon Hooker. While I have concerns with Hooker's age, especially assuming he starts in 2024 he will already be 26 years old, there is little doubt he can command a huddle. He is a logical guy to follow Geno Smith the season after next.