5 bold predictions for the Seattle Seahawks 2023 season

The Seahawks could be destined for another postseason appearance in 2023.
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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams will play 13 games

What a weird prediction this is, right? Saying a player isn't going to play a full season and yet somehow that is a positive is what we are hoping for from Jamal Adams at this point. 13 games would also be Adams' high number in his time with the Seahawks. He played 12 in both 2020 and 2021, and then just one last year.

What we get from Adams, though, are teasers of how great of a disruptor he could be. This is likely why Seattle decided to restructure his deal some this week. They created more cap space right now by moving some of his salary into a bonus, but this moved his dead cap in 2024 from $14 million to $20 million. This would imply that Seattle is in no way thinking Adams won't be on the team next year as well.

But what happens if Adams only plays six games or so in 2023. At some point the Seahawks are just giving away money to a player who rarely plays. That doesn't make sense financially and also doesn't jibe with how general manager John Schneider normally does business. The whole situation around Jamal Adams is just odd.

But if Adams does play in 13 games, he is very likely to do really good things. He is going to help Seattle's pass rush. He's always been a bit undervalued in coverage as well. No, he isn't perfect and he drops more interceptions than he catches, but he still doesn't get beat very often. Per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Adams had an elite coverage grade (87.5) in 2019. While that's several years ago, Adams has also been oft-injured and he is capable of being a very good well-rounded safety.