5 bold predictions for the Seattle Seahawks 2023 season

The Seahawks could be destined for another postseason appearance in 2023.
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The Seattle Seahawks begin their 2023 season at home against the evil Los Angeles Rams. OK, they aren't truly evil, I guess, but they are an NFC West rival and they need to be beaten down. So, yeah, OK. As a team, and not as humans, they are evil.

Seattle has a bunch of talent all over the roster, while also having some positions of great concern. Is the defensive line really better? If not, that unit alone could keep Seattle from making the playoffs.

So what can we expect from this year's Seahawks? Well, who knows, right? But here are five guesses at things that could happen.

Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III will gain 1,500 yards rushing

Walker wasn't supposed to be the full-time starter for the Seahawks in 2022. Rashaad Penny was. Penny began as RB1 and played in four games until he was once again hurt. That is meant as no offense to Penny as he seems to be a good guy and he clearly wanted to be on the field. But his absence opened the proverbial door for Walker to take over.

Walker missed a little time himself, but ended up starting 11 games. In those games, Walker ran for 904 yards on 205 carries, an average of 4.4 yards a rush. Over his 11 starts, Walker averaged 82 rushing yards per game. Spread over an entire 17-game schedule, Walker would have run for 1,398 yards. Is a guess of 1,500 yards in 2023 really that ridiculous?

Also, take into account that in one of Walker's starts he was injured early in the game and only ran three times for 36 yards. He had another start where he ran just 10 times and another just 12 times. Walker could most definitely see his average carries per start go from 19 in 2022 to 22 in 2023. Should Walker average 4.4 yards a carry over a 17-game stretch on 22 carries, he would average 97 yard rushing per game. This actually equates to 1,645 rushing yards, so predicting 1,500 might be an undervalue.