3 bold predictions for the Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Seahawks play Dallas in Seattle on Saturday in Seattle's second preseason game of 2023.
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Seahawks edge rusher Levi Bell gets two sacks

Levi Bell has a lot going against him in his attempt to make an NFL roster. First of all, for an NFL edge rusher he is short. Per the Seahawks official website, Bell is only 5'11". Sadly, there is nothing he can do about that. But he does have a compact build so at least his 265 pounds is mostly muscle and fast-twitch fibers. He is quick, but he's not tall and that likely means he probably won't make an NFL team.

But make no mistake that Levi Bell is, compared to the rest of humanity, a very good football player. He split his time in college between Louisiana Tech and then he finished with a season at Texas State. He got a lot more playing time at Texas State and finished 2022 with 13.5 tackles for loss and 5 sacks. He went undrafted out of college and then was signed by the Baltimore Ravens. He stayed there for a week and then they released him.

Bell then joined the USFL about midway through the season and he was a beast. He finished with 4 sacks in only six games. That sack number tied for 10th among USFL leaders. And in Bell's first preseason game for the Seahawks, he had 2 more sacks. I think against the Cowboys he gets 2 more sacks as well.

The issue for Bell, however, is that he will get those sacks against Cowboys deep on that team's depth chart. Bell, of course, won't be playing in real games against third-teamers, so the only real way for him to gain traction on moving up the depth chart is to play against first-teamers. This is unlikely to happen. Hopefully, the Seahawks will be able to keep Bell on their practice squad after final roster cuts are made on August 29th.