3 bold predictions for the Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Seahawks play Dallas in Seattle on Saturday in Seattle's second preseason game of 2023.
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The Seattle Seahawks have just two preseason games left in which to help make the tough decisions about who to keep on the active roster for 2023. We can probably guess at about 40 guys who are definitely on the team, but the rest maybe not so much. But besides who makes the team, why else watch the preseason?

One might watch the games with one eye open while holding their breath that a key player doesn't get hurt. (Also, don't hold your breath too long; That's dangerous.) But the games can be fun too.

Even the guys who are unlikely to make the team are playing as hard as they can to earn a spot either with Seattle or catch the scouting eye of another team. Also, we will likely see some weird plays, such as Holton Ahlers' touchdown pass to Matt Landers in preseason Week 1. Here are a few guesses at what happens in preseason Week 2.

Seahawks QB Geno Smith plays the first quarter and throws a touchdown pass

This might be the only chance 12s have of seeing some of the Seahawks offensive starters in the preseason. My guess is that Geno Smith and DK Metcalf play a bit early in the game, possibly for as much as the entire first quarter. Risking a key player to an injury in meaningless games by playing them for an extended amount of time seems silly. But not having Smith and some of his weapons get a little bit of practice in by playing against a team with a different uniform than their own seems like a missed opportunity.

If Seattle is going to play most of its offensive starters then preseason Week 2 would seem to be the game. By preseason Week 3 we will likely see mostly the guys trying to make the roster instead of definitely on the team. That's a long way around of getting to my first prediction which is that Geno Smith will play at least two series to begin the game.

I think he throws one pass to DK Metcalf on a very short route that is completed for about 7 yards. Otherwise, Smith directs the team downfield smoothly and patiently but mainly with passing instead of running. Why have Smith in the game at all if he isn't going to throw the ball? On the second drive, he will throw a 25-yard seam pass for a touchdown to Jaxon Smith-Njigba that sets off a frenzy of activity on Seahawks Twitter (or X or whatever the app is now).