Pete Carroll's final comments as head coach showed a lot of courage

Pete Carroll's last remarks show just how cool he is as a person and was as a head coach.
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In the face of questions about his future with the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll was resolute in discussing his future with the team. Carroll said, "I'm not worn out... I'm not tired. I need to do a better job, and I need to help my coaches more and we need to do a better job of coaching."

Carroll's words appeared to have put questions about a possible retirement to rest. That was until Wednesday morning when the Seahawks announced they had mutually agreed to move Pete Carroll to an advisory role and removed Carroll from the head coaching position.

Seahawks fans should marvel at the tenacity of coach Carroll and how much he cares about the team. After 14 seasons as the Seahawks head coach, Carroll has earned the right to go out on his own terms. His words following the end of the season show how much heart and dedication he had as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He also understands the challenges that lay ahead for a team with lots of questions heading into the off-season.

Pete Carroll shows courage on his way out with the Seattle Seahawks

Carroll's ability to handle the uncertainty of the future of this team with pose and class is admirable. He did not throw any of his assistant coaches or coordinators under the bus for an underwhelming season. His professionalism and grace are important leadership traits that should not be taken for granted. In a day and age where finger-pointing and blame game are often too common, Pete Carroll has shown an incredible ability to take responsibility and accountability for his team's shortcomings.

Even though there will be changes to the coaching staff this offseason, and Carroll is moving to an advisory position, he will handle it with resolve and determination. His ability to adapt and evolve is what allowed him to be one of the longest-tenured coaches in the NFL.

Carroll is going to continue to help the Seahawks for as long as he and the organization want him to. Whatever comes next Pete Carroll will handle it with grace and courage.

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