Seahawks vs. Cowboys Week 13: 4 bold predictions include a Seattle rookie exploding

  • A rookie balls out for Seattle
  • The Cowboys pass rush
  • A guess of who will win between Dallas and Seattle

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The Seattle Seahawks will travel to play a good Cowboys team in Dallas in Week 13. Dallas has not lost at home in 2023. Hopefully, the game won't be as ugly for Seattle as Week 12 was.

Dallas' point differential is +160. Seattle's is -20. Still, as of this writing, Seattle still holds the last playoff spot in the NFC.

There is a lot of football left, sure. But maybe that is a positive for the Seahawks as well. After the next three games, the schedule does begin to ease a little. Here are four things I think could happen in Week 13.

Seattle Seahawks get one key player back but will lose another

I am going to assume that the Seahawks will welcome back right tackle Abraham Lucas this week. The issue is that the Cowboys pass rush is fearsome so Lucas will be going from 0-60 in a matter of seconds in his first game since Week 1. Lucas is an excellent player who will hopefully be a long-term starter at RT (assuming his knee injury that Pete Carroll labeled as "chronic" isn't so chronic). But he might not look great against the Cowboys.

There is no shame in that, though. Dallas makes a lot of good offensive lineman look bad. Not only does Dallas have players such as Micah Parsons, but they are exceptionally well-schemed by defensive coordinator Dan Quinn. The interior of Seattle's offensive line has been fairly porous this year, but in Week 13 maybe none of Seattle's offensive linemen will be adequate.

And I never want anyone to get hurt ever on either team. Players are human beings, too, of course, so wishing harm on a player seems wrong. But because Seattle's season is trending downward as it is, and the defense was definitely affected by losing edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu in Week 7 it would just be the Seahawks luck to suffer an injury to someone on offense as well, such as one of the receivers.