4 critical observations from Seattle Seahawks training camp so far

The Seattle Seahawks started practicing with pads this week and have a preseason game next week.
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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith is throwing a lot of interceptions

Last preseason, Geno Smith was partly given the starting quarterback job because the Seahawks coaching staff could trust him to know the offense but also not turn the ball over a lot. In 2022 training camp, Smith proved he knew where to go with the ball and what the play-calls were so he would be under control of the offense. But he also didn't force too many passes in camp.

This training camp has been very different. Maybe Smith knows there is no quarterback battle happening and feels free to take a lot more chances in this training camp. Or maybe Seattle's secondary is just much better than it has been. Let's hope that last bit is the case for many reasons as it would mean Smith is stretching his arm and testing the offense and the secondary will be a beast for opponents in 2023.

The concern, though, is that Smith was fantastic in the first half of last year but in the second half, including the playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, Smith 8 interceptions in his final eight games. Not horrible, but Smith threw only 4 picks in the first 10 games of last year. Was he regressing more to how he would normally play or was he having to force things more late in the season due to having an injured running back room and a poor defense?

Whatever the reason, Smith's training camp trend of throwing interceptions needs to slow by quite a bit. Seattle's offense still has a few growing pains to work through, like the gelling of the offensive line and Smith-Njigba getting acclimated. If Smith turns the ball over too much, he will slow the growth of the offense.