Seahawks curiously invite former 1,000-yard receiver to minicamp

Seattle already seemingly had enough wide receivers, but they invited yet another to minicamp.
Seattle Seahawks practice
Seattle Seahawks practice / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

There are two position groups for the Seahawks that Seattle seemingly had too many players. One is at cornerback, especially after the team chose two corners in the 2024 NFL draft. The other is wide receiver where Seattle did not take a player in the draft but did sign one in free agency.

In other words, one might assume that Seattle would not be looking to try out more players at those positions in minicamp but instead focus on the players the team already had. This assumption apparently would be wrong, though. Another safe assumption might be that if Seattle did bring in a cornerback or wide receiver, maybe the player could do something else, but this is likely wrong as well.

The issue is that Seattle is reported by the NFL Network's Tom Pelissero to have invited former 1,000-yard receiver Robbie Anderson to minicamp. You might also know Anderson by Robby Anderson, Chosen Anderson, or Robbie Chosen. Seriously. He has gone by all of those names so his actual name remains a mystery.

Robbie Chosen gets invited to Seattle Seahawks minicamp

In 2020 with the Carolina Panthers, the 6'3" receiver caught 95 passes for 1,096 yards. That number of catches dwarfs any other season in Anderson...erm, Chosen's career. His catch rate is only 55.9 percent. He also has no real experience in being a punt returner or kick returner.

That last part is important because what Anderson/Chosen brings to the Seahawks is unclear. In the last two seasons combined, he has caught 24 passes for three different teams for 408 yards and two touchdowns. He isn't an awful receiver, but he is not a good one either.

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Maybe general manager John Schneider sees the receiver as a potential red-zone threat. Yet, the receiver has not had a season where he caught more than five touchdown passes since 2018. Schneider might also be trying to find receivers who can help with explosive kick returns due to the new kickoff rule, but again, Anderson/Chosen has not returned a kick since 2018 when he had one (which might have even been a mistake).

The receiver does stay healthy, and before 2023 only missed three games since 2016. Is that good enough to have him fight for a roster spot for the Seahawks? There is no logical reason why else Robbie Chosen/Chosen Robbie/Robbie Anderson would be invited to Seahawks' minicamp.

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