The Seahawks' defensive nightmare: Dud performances and defensive back woes

The Seahawks fell to 6-7 with a Week 14 loss to the 49ers.

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The Seattle Seahawks offense couldn't do enough, and the defense could barely do anything at all. The Hawks lost four consecutive games under Pete Carroll for the first time. There were so, so many duds in this game, that I could write 10 pages. Frankly, that would make me even sadder than you.

The Seattle Seahawks 2023 season came to a close this past Sunday with a resounding loss to division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. Technically, it didn't, as the Hawks still have a path to the postseason even if they lose to the Eagles in their next game. But in reality, it certainly felt like the season was done. To their credit, the players didn't just pack up their gear until the final whistle blew. Pete Carroll still has their ear.

And brother, a lot of them got an earful, as they should. The Seahawks had far too many dud performances in this game, and the head coach singled out a few of them after the game. Long-time 12s know just how rare it is for Pete Carroll to call out players publically for miscues and bad play. Maybe it's time he did. After four straight losses, it's clear that what the Seahawks coaches have been doing so far wasn't working. And heck, if Pete can call them out, we sure can.

The Seattle Seahawks had no defensive backs, or so it would seem

Carroll mentioned Jamal Adams and Julian Love specifically, as well he should. Yes, Love had Seattle's only interception, but he allowed long completions on his other two targets, 45 yards, and the 44-yard strike to George Kittle that iced the game for the Niners. As Carroll said, that's a play that Kittle has scored on time after time against the Hawks. Seattle coached the defense to look for it, and yet it still succeeded. Hmmm - ya know, Pete, maybe some of the blame goes to the coaching staff there too. Love wasn't around last year when Kittle scored, or in 2021, or 2020, or...hopefully, he gets the picture.

Adams was measurably worse as he also allowed two long completions on three targets. One was for 25 yards, the other a 54-yard strike to Deebo Samuel. Not only did it catch Adams out of position but he was completely unable to react to the play, other than to fall on his face. Number 33 also missed three of his eight attempted tackles. Quandre Diggs wasn't much better as he allowed two completions on two targets and missed a tackle. Coby Bryant was in for four snaps and missed his only attempt at a tackle. Even Riq Woolen joined the Dove-soft hands brigade. He missed three of nine attempted tackles and only defended one of four targets.

All told, the Seahawks safeties and Woolen combined for 10 of 13 completions for 242 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. That's a passer rating of 126.28; if you weren't up on your sports math, that ain't good. Bobby Wagner and Jordyn Brooks allowed seven of seven targets for 90 yards. We know coverage is hardly their forte, and yet they came out better than the Hawks' defensive backs, with a passer rating of 118.75. That won't win you many games, but when the guys in the middle are playing better coverage than your backfield, you're in serious trouble.