Three Seattle Seahawks who definitely deserve an extension before 2024

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NFL teams are constantly looking forward to what the next offseason might bring in cap room. This is why some teams proactively sign players to contract extensions and some wait. The Seattle Seahawks usually wait until the offseason a player's contract is up, but not always. Seattle extended DK Metcalf, for instance, well before his contract status might have caused some drama.

As things currently stand, Seattle has just $7,760,630 in cap space in 2024. They will need to make decisions about keeping some players already under contract past this year, such as possibly quarterback Geno Smith, and Seattle needs to try to extend some players whose contracts are up after 2023. While Seattle is 21st in terms of cap room currently in 2024, lots of things can change before then.

There are several players on the 2023 roster who need to be kept with the Seahawks. It may take a bit of money to sign them - quite a bit when it comes to one player on this list - but these guys should simply make the team better for many years. The following three players need to be extended prior to free agency starting next year.

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Jordyn Brooks

I do realize that Jordyn Brooks might not even play in 2023 and that the Seahawks declined his fifth-year option already for 2024. But Brooks' fifth-year option would have paid him $12 million and due to his injury, his market value might be diminished. That might sound harsh but that's the facts of life in the NFL.

But I do think that Seattle should bring Brooks back and bring him back on a multi-year deal. He has proven to be a fierce tackler - he was sixth in the NFL in combined tackles in 2022 and would have ranked higher if not for his late-season injury, and he was second in combined tackles in 2021 - and he has a career missed tackle rate of just 5.4 percent. Fred Warner of the San Francisco 49ers is an awesome linebacker but his missed tackle rate over the last three seasons is 6.2 percent.

Brooks will only be 26 years old during the 2023 season, too, so assuming he bounces back well from a significant knee injury (and player seem to come back even stronger nowadays from such injuries), he should have several seasons left to play at a high-level. Plus, Seattle's current inside linebackers, Bobby Wagner and Devon Bush, are only signed to one-year deals. Even though Brooks could be better in coverage and attacking opposing quarterbacks, he should still be a part of Seattle's defenses for the next four-to-five years.