Three Seattle Seahawks who definitely deserve an extension before 2024

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Seattle Seahawks left guard Damien Lewis

The collective interior of Seattle's offensive line hasn't been viewed with great admiration for many years now. But left guard Damien Lewis is kind of unfairly clumped in with the rest of the people who play center or right guard for the Seahawks. In fact, according to Pro Football Focus (they require a subscription), Lewis was the 11th-highest-graded guard in the NFL in 2022.

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Lewis allowed only 19 pressures and 3 sacks last year. Yes, he had several penalties in the playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers for illegal man downfield, but these penalties seemed quite odd to be called during such an important game. Not saying it was fixed by the NFL by any stretch - the 49ers were better than the Seahawks in 2022 - but only that the number of penalties called on Lewis in that was was, well...odd. (Lewis was only called for four penalties all of last regular season, for instance, but was whistled for three illegal man downfield penalties.)

Lewis was drafted in 2020 out of LSU because of his prowess in run blocking and he played right guard. He's got athleticism, sure, but he's incredibly strong. In his first season, he proved his worth when the Seahawks ran the ball but not so much in pass protection. After being flipped to the left side in 2021, Lewis didn't seem to play as well. But in 2022, he had his best season yet and actually graded out even better in pass protection than run blocking even though his run blocking grade was solid too.

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Lewis is just 26 years old and plays a position where he could be a high-performer for the next five years at least. His cap number is $3,274,299 this coming season which is a bargain for a player of his qaility. He's going to get a substantial raise in 2024 by someone, but let's just hope it's the Seattle Seahawks.