Three Seattle Seahawks who definitely deserve an extension before 2024

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Seattle Seahawks edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu

There is no comparison between Uchenna Nwosu and every other edge rusher the Seahawks had on the team last year in terms of consistent and high-end production. Yes, Darrell Taylor also had 9.5 sacks, just as Nwosu did, but 6.5 of Taylor's sacks came in weeks 13 through 18. Taylor had just 3 sacks in the other 10 games (in Week 12, Taylor didn't even register a single statistic).

Nwosu was far more consistent through out the season and sacks are just one stat. In terms of quarterback hits, he had 26 and second-best on the team was 13. Nwosu had 12 tackles for loss and second-best was 8. He had 61 total pressures and Taylor had just 27. Quinton Jefferson actually had 42, but still trailed Nwosu by a great distance.

Nwosu is also just 26 years old. In fact, he's not much older than Taylor, though Nwosu has been in the league for five seasons and Taylor just three (Taylor missed his first season with an injury). My point is that Nwosu should have a number of seasons left to play at a high level. Plus, extending Nwosu now could help the Seahawks free up some cap space right now.

Not that Seattle really needs to sign another free agent, but if they wanted to bring in someone like Jadeveon Clowney, there'd be money for that. Also, extending Nwosu now would avoid any kind of bidding war which Seattle has historically not chose to participate in.