Seattle Seahawks draft manifesto with a top 52 big board

Super Bowl XLVIII - Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos
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The Seahawks please-no's

Bryce Young

I don't foresee a scenario where Young makes it to #5, but there's too much recent history (Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray) that these smaller QB's are destined for injuries and a limited offensive scheme for the franchise. I simply don't get how Carolina could think to trade so much draft capital, and to select a guy that is less talented and durable than the three other available QB options. Get on me if I'm wrong, but I expect the Panthers will regret this decision forever if they take Young.

Bryan Bresee

I feel bad about the tragedies, but the tape has never shown a 5 star prospect talent that Clemson was so excited about. I don't think he's worth the risk compared to the other defensive tackle options.

Byron Young (Tennessee)

Byron Young screams Seahawks pick. Older, senior bowl, high floor, low ceiling. I'll lose some hair if John Schneider takes Young on Day 2.

Hendon Hooker

Rumors are swirling that Hooker will go in the late first round. He should be ready to play at some point next season, but I'm not comfortable drafting him at pick #20. I think Geno is a better option, there's some real value in trading back from pick #20, and the 2024 QB class is so deep, he's not worth the pick, despite a fun season at Tennessee.

Jonathan Mingo

People are looking for the next AJ Brown or DK Metcalf, and maybe going to the well too many times. Mingo is a fine 3rd-4th round pick lottery ticket, not a top 40 pick that he's been rumored to be.

How the Seahawks may approach the draft