Seattle Seahawks draft manifesto with a top 52 big board

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Seahawks: What to do at pick 5

As we've discussed, this is the most valuable pick ever in the John Schneider/Pete Carroll era of Seahawks football. A hit here, and Seattle is likely set for a decade. A miss, and the opportunity to make a run in the next 3 seasons is likely not realistic. Here's how I expect their thought process to go.

Option 1- Take Will Anderson Jr.

He's the best player in the class and fills a need as a great run defender and a very good pass rusher. Incredible intangibles and looks like a potential Von Miller to me. If this man somehow is there at pick #5, the Seahawks should call that pick in as fast as any pick in team history. The ultimate final gift from Russell Wilson.

Option 2- If Anderson Jr. Is gone, take CJ Stroud or Anthony Richardson

There's a chance Will Anderson Jr makes it to pick 5 in the first round, but I would not bet on it. If he is gone, I think Seattle will take a long look at QB. Is it the type of move that would help the Seahawks make a Super Bowl run this season? No, but this is the type of move that would help secure the future at the most important position for Seattle. The Kansas City Chiefs experienced strong success with Alex Smith at QB, averaging 10.6 wins over his 5 seasons, but went 1-4 in the playoffs. In his final season in KC, the Chiefs drafted Patrick Mahomes and had him sit for the 2017 season. Mahomes was allowed to properly wait and learn from a fantastic mentor in Alex Smith. After the season, the Chiefs traded Smith to DC for a starting cornerback and a 3rd round pick, and the rest is history in Kansas City.

This is the path to take for Seattle with a Stroud or Richardson. Let them sit and learn from Geno, and see what happens in 2023. Stroud is the safer bet, while Richardson has perhaps one of the highest ceilings, but a very low floor. No matter the preference, This is easily my #2 option.

Option 3- Trade back to 7 and take best player available

In option 3, Will Anderson is gone, and the Seahawks have made the decision to pass on QB in 2023. They feel that this is their best chance to make a run, and want defensive talent to help alleviate pressure from Geno Smith and the #9 ranked offense. While I prefer the route of looking for a young franchise QB, I would expect this to be Seattle’s backup option.

In my big board, I have Jalen Carter, Tyree Wilson, and Devon Witherspoon all closely ranked between 4-6. I would expect the Seahawks to look to a QB desperate team like the Raiders or Falcons for a trade back. The Seahawks could collect another top 75 pick, while still getting one of those three prospects, all of whom could help the team immediately.

In my preference, I’d want Jalen Carter most, then Tyree Wilson, then Devon Witherspoon.