All Seahawks fans need to know about Round 1 of the 2023 NFL draft

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The 2023 NFL draft is almost upon us, 12s, and it is an exciting time to be a Seattle Seahawks fan. The team exceeded most expectations in 2022, has a young roster with talent, and is about to (hopefully) add more talent in the 2023 draft. Seattle could be very good for a long time.

Of course, several things have to go correctly for Seattle to become a true contender again, but you have to have faith in the process. That's what 12s hear anyway, right? And for the most part since 2010, the process has proved mostly successful.

The Seahawks currently have two first-round draft picks in the 2023 class. Maybe they trade back a bit, but they likely wil still finish with two first-round choices. Who will they take is the question. And here's how to follow everything that happens in round 1.

How Seahawks fans can watch, listen, and stream the first round of the 2023 NFL draft

When does it happen?

The first round begins at 5 pm PT on Thursday. The first day of NFL drafts is only the first round as these take the longest. And let's be honest, first rounds are the most exciting and interesting of the picks ahead of the actual games being played (there is clearly the argument for Seahawks fans that the fifth round is just as exciting, i.e. Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Tariq Woolen). There are 10 minutes between each pick in the first round.

Where does is happen?

OK, 12. If you are just now planning on taking a trip to watch the first round in person, you are probably a bit late. But if you are extremely wealthy and want to book an overpriced room just to watch a parade of players walk across a stage after their names are called, here is where you should go. That would be Kansas City, Missouri.

How to watch and stream

For the rest of us norms, we will probably be watching or streaming from home. Seahawks fans can tune in to ESPN, ABC, and the NFL Network to watch the first round. You can choose between the NFL Network and ESPN by deciding which talking head you like listening to best. ESPN has about a town the size of Hot Springs, North Carolina on their broadcast, including Mel Kiper, Jr., Mike Greenberg, Suzy Kolber, and Adam Schefter.

ABC will have people like Todd McShay and Laura Rutledge. If you realy like Rich Eisen then the NFL Network is your place to watch. He is the only host but will be joined at times by Ian Rapoport and a host of others. Or you could just watch with the sound off and listen to your favorite radio sports show, like Seattle Sports.

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You can also stream the draft on your favorite technology gadget, but you'll mostly get the people mentioned above. NFL+ might be a bit more fun as you'll have access to lots of different sets with reaction to the picks. For my money, I am still hoping Richard Sherman is joined by former Seahawks Michael Bennett and Doug Baldwin on a podcast to listen to during the draft.