4 Seahawks players who need a monster offseason in 2024

These players need to prove themselves to a new coaching staff.

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Which Seattle Seahawks players need to put together a monster offseason in hopes of improved fortunes under Mike Macdonald in 2024?

As difficult as it may be to believe, Seattle begins voluntary workouts for the 2024 season on April 8. Sure, there has been no draft yet and Seattle will add players to the team, but at least with workouts beginning, we get our first taste of what 2024 could be like. At least, in a very limited way.

Several players on the roster still need to prove themselves to the new coaching staff. That could be a good thing, too. Instead of Pete Carroll leading the team for a 15th season, Mike Macdonald takes over with a new scheme. Players cannot be safe in their positions and this could lead to a new energy on the team.

Some of the players who need to show Macdonald they can be good are as follows. Some have been good before, but some never have. Maybe Macdonald can mold them into becoming dangerous.

Riq Woolen - Seahawks CB

Where did you go in 2023, Mr. Woolen? After a Pro Bowl in his rookie season of 2022 when Woolen was not only fantastic in coverage, tied the league lead with 6 interceptions, and was a ferocious tackler, he was injured during minicamp last offseason, required surgery, and was never quite the same. At times, Woolen appeared to be playing with fear of getting hurt again and this is something that can end a player's career.

But Woolen did seem to be tackling a bit better later in the season, but he still could not set a hard edge against the run so teams would simply run wide and eat up yards. This offseason, Woolen needs to add upper body muscle so he can be stronger against the run. If his coverage improves a bit over 2023 (back to a 2022 level) but he still won't support the run game, new head coach Mike Macdonald is not going to trust to play him much.

Woolen is capable of being a Pro Bowler, obviously, and he and Devon Witherspoon could form one of the better cornerback duos in the league. But Woolen simply cannot repeat his 2023 performance.