3 early roster cuts that could instantly help the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

NFL teams have until 1 pm PT on Tuesday to set their initial 53-man rosters.
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NFL teams have begun their roster cuts and all teams have to have their rosters finalized by 1 pm PT on Tuesday. The Seattle Seahawks have already released a number of players and it is very unlikely that any of the guys released so far would come back to the practice squad. Seattle still has a few needs along its roster, though, and some players already reported as released by other teams could help Seattle in 2023.

I thought of even adding Colt McCoy to this list, but that simply didn't make sense as Seattle would then have to add him to the roster. McCoy has a bum elbow and hasn't never been a terrific player, but teams can carry three quarterbacks on game day now (meaning the quarterback on the practice squad can play in real games if QB1 and QB2 are injured) and McCoy's experience could help. At least, likely help more than Holton Ahlers.

I went a bit nose guard-centric on this list. That was not my intention, but the Seahawks need help there. None of these guys should be expected to start, but could be part of a decent rotation. All three of them have a little experience in the league too.

Seahawks could sign nose guard Isaiah Mack

Mack has bounced around the league since he was an undrafted free agent in 2019. He actually got the most playing time in his rookie season as well as he played in 13 games and started one. He's just barely hung on the last couple of years with the Baltimore Ravens. So why do I have him on this list? Because I think he has potential.

He is 6'1" and 300 pounds and has a lower center of gravity. He isn't going to help with pass rush, but he doesn't need to. Mack has gotten solid grades in most of his four seasons from Pro Football Focus (subscription required) and has even graded a bit better in the pass rush. But that's not why he is on the field. I think he just needs a little bit more of a chance and being a piece of a rotation in Seattle gives him that.