4 Seattle Seahawks who could be entering their last season with the team in 2023

The Seahawks are about to embark on their 2023 campaign, but four players on the current roster might not be back in 2024.
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It almost feels like Christmas is approaching, doesn't it, 12s? The Seattle Seahawks season is just days away from beginning. The presents the team gives us this year could be fantastic (Super Bowl!) or lumps of coal (losing season!).

We don't yet know how good the team will be this year. Maybe we can assume Seattle should be good as the team has more talent than a bunch of other teams, but how healthy can they remain? And will Seattle's key players be very good?

The four players that follow need to be very good in 2023. But at least a couple of guys might be good and still too expensive to keep beyond this year. What follows are four players who might be playing their final year in Seattle.

Seahawks fullback/linebacker Nick Bellore

I really like Nick Bellore. Who doesn't? He plays hard and his a veteran voice in the locker room that other players respect (Bellore was voted as a team captain again this year). He keeps the team loose, but he is also a beast on special teams. Bellore is so valued by the Seahawks that the team keeps bringing him back at probably a slightly higher salary than most other teams would sign him to.

But at the beginning of the 2024 season, Bellore will be 35 years old, and special teams players can be found that are less costly. Dareke Young, for instance, made the team this year even though he suffered a hip injury in the preseason, and he's on the team mostly because he was so good on special teams in 2022.

Bellore's cap hit goes to $4 million in 2024 which seems like far too much for a player who does what he does on the field. And while he could return next season, more than likely he will either be released or have his contract restructured. He carries a dead cap of just $1,150,000 so Seattle would save almost $3 million by releasing him. Again, no offense meant toward Bellore because he is phenomenal to have on the team, but he's also expensive.