4 Seattle Seahawks who could be entering their last season with the team in 2023

The Seahawks are about to embark on their 2023 campaign, but four players on the current roster might not be back in 2024.
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Seahawks wide receiver Dee Eskridge

More low-hanging fruit? Maybe. Seattle had every chance to release Eskridge this offseason and didn't. He has been oft-injured, playing poorly, or both. Plus, Eskridge has recently been suspended for the first six games of 2023 due to a domestic situation this offseason. I am not quite sure what the Seahawks still see in Eskridge, but they must like something because he would have been less costly to release than to keep this year.

Next year, though, there is literally no financial reason for Seattle to keep Eskridge. His cap hit is $1,894,296 while his dead cap is $422,455. Another team picking up Eskridge at this point is unlikely so even if Seattle were to release Eskridge next offseason they could probably re-sign him after he clears waivers for less money.

Quarterback Geno Smith gave Eskridge rave reviews prior to training camp starting this year and said he saw a lot of development in Eskridge's game. The issue, though, is that Eskridge is a second-round draft pick so he should have been fairly productive immediately. He hasn't been at all through two years. He's managed to play in 20 games for Seattle, catch just 17 passes and for only 122 yards.

Again, Seattle keeping Eskridge even this season is a little weird. But one must trust the thought process of a coaching staff that has been as successful as Seattle has been since 2010. If Eskridge is staying in 2023, there's a good reason. But if he isn't productive again at any point this year, there is no reason for him to be on the team in 2024.