4 false narratives surrounding the Seattle Seahawks in 2023

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False narrative No. 2: Seahawks wasted a pick on a running back in the second round

A lot of 12s seem to get upset about Seattle taking Zach Charbonnet in the second round of the 2023 draft. Seattle already has Kenneth Walker III, right? Why would they need to waste a relatively high pick on someone who isn't going to start?

Well, a few reasons actually. For anyone who has followed the Seahawks over the last several years, we know how often not only has Seattle's RB1 or RB2 gotten injured but how often they have gotten injured at the same time. I realize Charbonnet is probably RB2, but it's still a safe assumption that Walker (RB1) will miss a game or two - hopefully not, but just in case - and that having a potentially high-end RB2 is an excellent thing to have in an offense that needs to run the ball well.

Adding Charbonnet and having him take some of Walker's reps will also help Walker in the long run as Walker won't take as much punishment as he would if he didn't have a quality backup. Teams that run the ball a bit (and it's also a false narrative to say that Pete Carroll is a run-first coach as that doesn't exist in the NFL anymore) need multiple quality backs. Seattle now has at least two young and productive backs, one would think.

Seattle also needed to rebuild its running back room as after the free agency period ended this offseason, Seattle only had Walker and DeeJay Dallas. Now they have Walker, Charbonnet, Dallas, and rookie Kenny McIntosh. Getting Charbonnet in the second round is cheaper than signing a quality free agent and also Charbonnet will have a lot less wear than a veteran. Basically, Zach Charbonnet is going to help the Seahawks win football games.