4 former Seattle Seahawks players looking for revenge in 2023

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Cody Barton - Former Seahawks linebacker

Cody Barton finally got his chance to start for Seattle last year after sitting behind K.J. Wright for the first three years of his career. Barton did rack up a solid 136 tackles but he made very little real impact. He had 2 interceptions, sure. They came two weeks apart in the middle of the season. And he had 2 sacks with one coming in Week 1.

Barton was supposed to be really good in coverage which is why the Seahawks held on to him and gave him a chance to start. But when he was able to prove his worth as a starter, he mostly failed. He allowed a 97.9 passer rating when targeted. He also played his worst game when it most mattered which was against the San Francisco 49ers in the Wild Card playoff game.

In that game, the 49ers abused Barton. He missed 3 tackles (his missed tackle rate for the game was 27.3 percent) and he allowed 5 receptions on 6 targets for 70 yards and 2 touchdowns. Basically, the 49ers were made a better team when Barton was on the field for the Seahawks. Barton wasn't very good against the run at all during the season, either, so he needed to go.

One can bet that Barton will be champing at the bit in Week 10 when Seattle hosts Barton's new team, the Washington Commanders. Seattle might be upgraded at inside linebacker with the return of Bobby Wagner and the addition of Devin Bush, but Barton is unlikely to see it that way. Expect a super-motivated Barton versus Seattle in 2023.