3 former Seattle Seahawks starters who might be done in the NFL

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Justin Britt - Former Seahawks center

Britt took over at center for Seattle full-time in 2016 and was a decent player for three years. He was even a Pro Bowl alternate in the 2016 season. But in 2019, Britt suffered a knee injury and would never play another down for Seattle. Britt missed the entire 2020 season, though he did have a couple of tryouts with other teams, and finally found a home with the Houston Texans in 2021.

Britt started 11 games for the Texans in 2021 and one in 2022 but then Britt suddenly left the team for personal reasons and the team placed him on the reserve/non-football illness list. The reasons have never been fully divulged and Britt, as a human being, doesn't really owe us a reason. But he left the Texans with a backup center who simply wasn't ready to play.

The Houston organization did seem to back Britt in letting the player work on whatever he needed to work on, but the Texans eventually released Britt this offseason. The expectation is that Britt will retire, but we have seen players "retire" before and then come back to play (here's to you, Tom Brady!).

The question then becomes does Britt, who is 32 years old, ever want to come back? NFL players make a lot of money, even aging veterans. If he is physically capable of playing, he could try. But then NFL teams can be somewhat ruthless in their approach to giving players a chance and maybe most teams simply turn the other cheek to a player with former injury concerns and off the field issues.