4 greatest-value NFL draft picks in Seattle Seahawks history

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Seahawks best value pick No. 1: Cornerback Richard Sherman

As great as Chancellor was, there is no Seahawks defensive domination of the early 2010s without Richard Sherman. Sherman was another fifth-round choice but just a year after Chancellor was chosen. And if you are new to Seattle football and hear of a cornerback who started off as a receiver in college before transitioning to cornerback in college and then become a very good pro at CB, you likely aren't hearing about Tariq Woolen; Sherman is the guy.

Sherman simply shut down one half of the field for Seattle. This not only made the other corners' jobs easier but made Chancellor and Earl Thomas's jobs easier. But Sherman wasn't simply a shutdown corner based on physical ability. He was the brashest member of the LOB and it biggest reason why the reputation of the defense in the early 2010s was one of arrogance but could also back it up.

Sherman is number one on this list, compared to Chancellor, because Sherman is likely a Hall of Famer one day while Chancellor, sadly, is not. That doesn't mean that Chancellor is a far worse player than Sherman because both were equally important. But the Seahawks' defense could probably have sustained the absence of Chancellor more than it could have Sherman.

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Sherman spent seven seasons with Seattle and finished with 32 interceptions in his Seahawks career. This is second among Seattle cornerbacks all-time but leader Dave Brown had 50 in 159 games while Sherman had his 32 in only 105 games. But what really made Sherman special as a corner wasn't just that he was great in coverage, he played run support and hit as harder as any cornerback who has ever played. Pretty good for a fifth-round draft pick.