4 greatest-value NFL draft picks in Seattle Seahawks history

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Seahawks best value pick No. 2: Safety Kam Chancellor

Hindsight is 20/20, right? Now it is difficult to believe that a player of Chancellor's physical ability - he had speed and good size - would fall into the fifth round but this is exactly where the Seahawks chose him in 2010. 2010 was also the same year that Seattle chose Chancellor's safety counterpart for his Seattle career, Earl Thomas.

Many people like to point out that Seattle hasn't had recent drafts (excluding 2022, of course) as good as the first ones Schneider and Carroll had in Seattle. Many point to the 2010 through 2012 drafts as the foundation for future success. While this is partly true, mostly true when it comes to 2012, a lot of the reason for the 2010 draft being a good one is that Chancellor tuned out to be a fifth-round steal.

There frankly is no Legion of Boom without Chancellor. He put the boom in the LOB. But one draft write-up of him stated while Chancellor would be a good run defender, he wasn't the complete package. Chancellor supposedly only had marginal speed and the article stated, "He projects as a solid backup and special teams contributor which helps his stock, but he may never be more than that."

Thankfully, Chancellor was much more than that and ended his career by being a borderline Hall of Famer. Chancellor put fear in receivers crossing the middle of the field and jumped offensive lines to affect kicks. He was as close to Superman as the Seahawks may have ever had.