3 Seattle Seahawks that should be held out of playing in the preseason

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Hi, 12s. Look, I know we want to watch our favorite Seattle Seahawks play a game every day of the year. And we really hope they win all those games, but to be in a position to be victorious, they need their best players to remain healthy.

Preseason games are not important (we tell ourselves!) as far as who wins or loses. We just want to watch guys play hard to earn roster spots. And we know most of the players who have already earned spots.

The Seahawks play the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday at Lumen Field in preseason Week 2. I hope to see Seattle win and some unknown players be great. But I also really hope we don't see the following three players at any point in the preseason.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett

I think one thing that is important to remember is that many of the players who have been around the Seahawks for a number of years and been really productive, like Tyler Lockett, might be held out of preseason games if there is any hint of an injury. Maybe Lockett has paper cut on his left pinky then hold him out! That could get infected by a dirty football thrown his way. My point is that if some of Seattle's best long-term players aren't participating in preseason games then there is likely no reason to panic.

Tyler Lockett didn't play in the Seahawks first preseason game of 2023 for some reason I cannot remember. The point is that he wasn't injured enough to keep him out of any real games. And hopefully he won't play against the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday or against the Green Bay Packers in preseason Week 3. If there is anything Seattle is running offensively that eight-year Seahawks veteran Lockett hasn't seen then offensive coordinator Shane Waldron is some kind of genius to come up with a wrinkle that would confuse Lockett.

I also kind of hope that DK Metcalf doesn't play this preseason either, but if Geno Smith plays then he kind of needs a familiar receiver on the field with him so he isn't just throwing to receivers that he hopes will run the correct route. Once the real games begin, Lockett is going to run the right route, and so will Metcalf. They just need to be healthy enough to run those routes.