These two Seahawks have the highest odds to be the team's MVPs in 2024

Normally one would expect a quarterback to be a team's MVP.

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The Seattle Seahawks have not been done with the 2023 season for very long and the team has yet to go through the free agency period or the 2024 NFL draft. That does not stop oddsmakers from taking guesses at what next season will bring. To be fair, I am not one to place bets (because I have always lost in the past), but that does not mean looking at odds is not fun.

This includes guesses at who might be Seattle's offensive and defensive MVPs in 2024. One might normally expect a quarterback to be a team's MVP, especially if the team in question has a veteran quarterback. Plus, only once since 2007 (Adrian Peterson in 2012) has an NFL not been a quarterback.

Surprisingly, according to FanDuel's recent odds (and odds are definitely subject to change at any time), out of the 32 teams, only eight are expected to have offensive MVPs who are not quarterbacks. This includes the Seahawks.

Who might be the Seattle Seahawks offensive and defensive MVPs in 2024?

Per FanDuel, DK Metcalf is expected to be Seattle's offensive MVP next season, not Geno Smith. This might be in part because while Smith is nearly guaranteed to be on the roster in 2024, Seattle could still choose a quarterback in the draft and maybe that quarterback is QB1. That is unlikely but possible.

Plus, the hope is that Metcalf has his best season ever since the Seahawks have a new offensive coordinator, Ryan Grubb, who has shown a knack for getting his best players in the best situations to succeed. Metcalf will probably be used in more unique ways next season. That is the hope anyway.

Defensively, there might be less of a surprise for who is expected to be Seattle's MVP. FanDuel believes Devon Witherspoon will get that unofficial award for Seattle's defense. One can only imagine how well new head coach Mike Macdonald will use Witherspoon as the cornerback is a nearly perfect fit for Macdonald's scheme.

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