Hints being dropped that Seahawks safety Jamal Adams could be ready early in 2023

Lots of people are talking as if there is little doubt that Adams will return soon and play at a high-level.
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The last time we officially heard about Jamal Adams, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was saying, "We'll see" about when Adams is ready to come back. With more than a month gone by since the break from mandatory minicamp and training beginning, there's not been much new news about Adams. But one teammate and one person in the NFL media seem to be implying that Adams could be ready very soon.

Bucky Brooks, who is a commentator for the NFL Network and FOX Sports, was on Seattle Sports radio Tuesday and didn't even hint that Adams wouldn't be back as soon as Week 1. Brooks, in fact, talked at length about the Seahawks could use Adams after Seattle signed safety Julian Love this offseason. Brooks also felt like Adams could get back to his 2020 level when he had 9.5 sacks.

Jamal Adams is best when he is allowed to be a bit more creative than most other football players are. Adams has an uncanny ability to pressure quarterbacks from his safety sport - Adams broke the NFL record for most sacks by a defensive back in 2020 - but Adams can also help in run support by crashing the line. Using Adams as a hybrid linebacker/safety and letting Quandre Diggs and Love play the back end of the defense gives Seattle a lot of flexibility and the ability to be a lot more aggressive.

Is Seahawks safety Jamal Adams close to returning?

Speaking of Diggs, he was also on Seattle Sports Tuesday (I swear this isn't an add for Seattle Sports, but they do have some good stuff there) and talked about many items in a short time. But he also mentioned Adams and, without saying Adams was going to be ready for Week 1, spoke as if Adams wasn't trying to come back from injury. Diggs talked as if Adams was just like any other player getting ready for training camp.

I am, of course, having to parse words from Brooks and Diggs, but it's what they are not saying that speaks volumes. Neither mentioned Adams struggling to return and implied Adams should be fine very early in the year, if not even by Week 1.

But getting Jamal Adams back still changes the way the defense can work. If he can stay healthy - a big if but he's also due, isn't he? - he will be productive and the Seahawks' defense can shapeshift into many forms.

Need to send pressure? Seattle can do that with Adams more than when he isn't on the field. Need to play base? Seattle can do that as well. A healthy Jamal Adams makes the defense better and that makes the team better, possibly even good enough to make a deep postseason run.

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