Seahawks Tyler Lockett gets more respect than DK Metcalf in Madden 24 ratings

Madden 24 ratings are out! And Tyler Lockett gets his respect, somewhat.
Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

How psyched are you for Madden 24? And if you like to play some of your favorite Seattle Seahawks, there is some good news. But there is a bit of weird news as well.

First off, while many national pundits think DK Metcalf is without a doubt the Seahawks best receiver, Tyler Lockett sometimes barely gets a mention. But 12s know the truth. Metcalf is great in the postseason and explosive. But if Geno Smith has to complete one pass a game for Seattle to win, that pass is probably going to go to Lockett.

Madden 24 somewhat agrees. In this season's ratings for the game, Lockett gets a rating of 89 while Metcalf gets an 88. But it must be noted that neither receiver cracks the top 10 best at their position. Madden 24 isn't an emotion-based rating system and doesn't play favorites (that would skew the game!), but let's still hope that the game is wrong and both Lockett and Metcalf perform like top 10 receivers in 2023.

Seahawks receivers get some respect from ratings in Madden 24

But do you want some strangeness? Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is the fifth-highest-rated strong safety. Seriously. A guy who rarely plays due to injury and missed all but one week of 2022 is a guy that Madden 24 says you should play in the game. So, flip-flop from the receivers and let's hope Madden 24 is correct about Adams this coming season.

Quandre Diggs is the 10th-highest-rated free safety, at least. Diggs has gotten dissed on some - here's looking at you, ESPN - preseason rankings, so at least Madden 24 thinks he is pretty good. He's a three-time Pro Bowler, though, so I guess his play speaks for itself in real games on the field.

Madden 24 also thinks Geno Smith is decent enough. He's ranked 12th among quarterbacks, while former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is ranked 20th. Guess that 2022 offseason trade worked out pretty well! (And no, I hope to not jinx anything that might happen in 2023.)

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