3 huge concerns heading into 2023 season for Seattle Seahawks

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Seahawks concern No. 3: The team is talented but maybe not talented enough

12s should feel good about their favorite team making the postseason in 2023. After Seattle makes the playoffs, though, then what? is the team truly good enough to make a deep run in the postseason? While Seattle has talent, is the talent really good enough to be another team with just as much talent?

Some of that comes down to coaching, of course. But head coach Pete Carroll has been to Super Bowls and won one. While some 12s doubt Carroll's value, there is no doubt he has proven he is among the better coaches in the league. He has won too much for too long to not be given his due. But are his players good enough?

Geno Smith is a good quarterback (he led the league in passing accuracy, led the NFC in touchdown passes, and broke the franchise record for passing yards for goodness sake). There were times in 2022 when he seemingly kept the Seahawks in games on his own. But maybe due to having to do a bit more than he should have to do - bad defense, injured running backs - he forced a few throws. Many could have been intercepted but weren't, but maybe those same throws get picked off in 2023. Smith was good last year, needs to be just as good if not better in 2023, but is he capable of being?

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While Seattle has enough talent to beat most teams, they may not have enough to beat very good teams. It could be that Seattle is in the nowhere land of being good enough to make the playoffs but never good enough to win a championship. Is that good enough to keep 12s happy?