Seahawks news: Seahawks injuries, Godwin Igwebuike, and Jonathan Taylor

In Seahawks news to start your Monday, the Seahawks get back a tight end, and a former Seahawk signs elsewhere.
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Former Seahawks kick returner Godwin Igwebuike signs with the Atlanta Falcons

I was really hoping that the Seahawks would bring back Godwin Igwebuike. He only signed with Seattle midway through 2022 but made a huge impact with consistently exciting and productive kickoff returns. The Seahawks currently have no kick returners of the ilk of Igwebuike who averaged 28.0 yards per kick return on 11 returns for Seattle last year. He also had a long of 50 yards and several of more than 35.

Godwin Igwebuike, however, is reportedly signing a one-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons. The amount of the deal hasn't been announced, but I am going to assume it's likely around $1 million or less. Seattle could have afforded that and Igwebuike would have resolved a position of need. But maybe Seattle is just going to go back to a better-safe-than-sorry mode of kick returns. Basically, whoever catches the ball should just not turn it over.

All that said, the NFL has implemented a new kickoff return rule where a team can fair catch the ball inside the 25-yard line and the team will start the drive on their own 25. This is exactly likely the college rule and most college teams don't take chances on returns. NFL teams are even more risk-averse than college teams.

Still, let's hope Godwin Igwebuike has a terrific year. He's basically a grinder like most of us in life, so hopefully he will do well for himself.