Seahawks might have issues due to Christian Wilkins' new deal with Raiders

Seattle might be out of the market on one player.

Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Las Vegas Raiders are reportedly signing defensive tackle Christian Wilkins to begin 2024 free agency. While that seemingly has nothing to do with the Seattle Seahawks, Wilkins' contract might directly relate to a potential problem for Seattle. Even with lots of cap room currently, Seattle does not want to blow most of that on one player.

The issue is that Wilkins is a 28-year-old defensive tackle who plays most of his snaps in the B-gap. He does play over tackle to a much lesser degree and rarely plays in the A-gap. In 2023, he had 58 total pressures for the Miami Dolphins, including 10 sacks. He also had 33 run stuffs.

Seattle general manager John Schneider has already stated he would like for the team to bring defensive tackle Leonard Williams back after the Seahawks acquired him midway through this past season. In 2023 with the New York Giants and Seattle combined, the 29-year-old Williams had 54 total pressures, including 6 sacks and 34 run stuffs. Like Wilkins, Williams plays most of his snaps in the B-Gap and does little work elsewhere.

Did Christian Wilkins' new deal with the Raiders just cost the Seahawks Leonard Williams?

In other words, Williams and Wilkins are extremely comparable players with Williams being only one year older. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Wilkins will sign a deal with Las Vegas for four years and $110 million. $84.7 million of that is guaranteed. If I am Leonard Williams' agent, I am asking for the same kind of numbers. Potentially for a year less, but basically for the same amount per season.

If that is the case and Seattle truly wants to re-sign Williams, the contract would cost them a base of $82.5 million with a guarantee of $63.5 million. An average season would cost Seattle $27.5 million. Of course, the numbers can be manipulated a bit and back-loaded. Seattle has around $55 million to spend in free agency this offseason, but at least a third of that would likely need to go toward bringing back Williams.

John Schneider does not like to get into bidding wars and he won't spend so much that he is not comfortable. Wilkins' deal might mean that the Seahawks let Williams walk away. If that happens, 12s can blame the Raiders.

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