Seahawks news: Jordyn Brooks, Devon Witherspoon, and Jamal Adams

One player returns from the injury list, one player remains, and one player seem set at their positions.
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Seahawks rookie CB Devon Witherspoon seems set in the slot

Tuesday on the Brock and Salk show on Seattle Sports radio, head coach Pete Carroll made it very clear that Seattle's first-round pick and the fifth overall choice in the 2023 NFL draft, Devon Witherspoon, is going to begin as a nickelback. There was not even a pause when Carroll said that Witherspoon is "going to be good" in the slot. So for those upset that Witherspoon isn't starting at outside corner, I guess you'll just stay upset.

And while we might ask why the Seahawks chose to take a slot corner at number 5 overall when they could have taken a defensive lineman instead, we should also put a pause on that kind of reactive thinking. We don't know, for instance, that Witherspoon won't be the starting outside corner in 2024 or even at some point in 2023. Plus, we don't know what alignment Seattle might be thinking of using and they aren't going to tell us because then their opponents would know as well.

Also, hasn't Pete Carroll been successful enough overall since he came to Seattle in 2010 to earn the benefit of the doubt? I admit that Carroll knows a whole lot more about football than I do. For instance, if I were the head coach of the Seahawks, I guarantee I would figure out a way for the team to go 0-17 with my bumbling coaching. I trust that Carroll knows what he is doing.

I also have a feeling that Seattle is going to figure out a way to be extremely creative with their looks. Witherspoon might be playing in the slot, but maybe he switches outside at times. There are a lot of different ways to work him in.

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