Seahawks news: Jordyn Brooks, Devon Witherspoon, and Jamal Adams

One player returns from the injury list, one player remains, and one player seem set at their positions.
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Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is still missing

Jamal Adams went a different route than Jordyn Brooks. Instead of mostly working with the Seahawks' medical staff and sticking around Seattle, Adams worked with his own team. I don't mean to imply that there is anything wrong with this approach, but Brooks is back sooner than expected and Adams is not. (I realize that sounds like I am still implying something, but I am not a doctor.)

There is no reason to expect Adams to be ready anywhere near Week 1 at this point. This could be an indication that his body just seems much older than Brooks'. Adams has been injured a lot during his career and seems to always be in some state of recovery. But while Brooks made it off of the PUP list seven months after surgery and nine months after his knee injury, Adams has been out since September, three months before Brooks.

I still believe that the Seahawks signed Julian Love with an eye that they don't expect Jamal Adams back early in the season or potentially at all. Plus, Seattle moved Coby Bryant back to safety as well and he is more of a Jamal Adams type than a Quandre Diggs. There is also a rumor going around that if and when Adams returns, he will basically be a hybrid linebacker than a guy holding down the back end of the defense.

I hope Adams gets back soon (maybe we will get a surprise that he is cleared to play this week as well), but I have strong doubts based on his history. He won't be released because he is a good football player when healthy. It is just very unclear when he will ever be healthy again.