Seahawks safety Julian Love gives Jon Ryan best revenge gift ever

Ryan chose to a sign a one-day contract to retire with the Seahawks.
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Jon Ryan wanted to retire from football with his final day being spent as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. He signed a one-day deal on Tuesday to do just that. The punter played with Seattle from 2008 through 2017 when Ryan was replaced by Michael Dickson. During his seasons with Seattle, Ryan proved to be a good punter, funny off the field, and an honest interview. He didn't mind giving his thoughts on different subjects.

This did not stop after he was no longer with Seattle, however. After Seattle won in Week 18 against the Arizona Cardinals but missed the playoffs due to a Week 17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, some members of Seattle's secondary broke out cigars and smoked them in the locker room. This irked Ryan as he saw the team not taking itself seriously enough after losing out on the postseason.

Only Ryan did not have the entire story. The cigars were in part due to safety Julian Love's wife giving birth in the days leading up to the game. These were celebratory cigars instead of simply being satisfied with how the season had gone. Ryan wrote on social media about the cigar use, "The Seahawk way is a bit different these days I guess. I could say a lot of things right now because I’m shaking with anger but I’ll just say I’m really disappointed."

Seattle Seahawks safety Julian Love gives retiring Jon Ryan a surprise

Ryan was an intense player and he played on some extremely successful Seahawks teams filled with intense players. Richard Sherman was different than Riq Woolen and Kam Chancellor was different than Jamal Adams. Ryan's Seattle teams expected to be great and when they lost they did not celebrate. Had Ryan not gotten the facts wrong, his complaint about the cigars might have been valid.

But his facts were wrong and he overreacted. This did not stop Love from being a good sport about everything and giving Ryan a parting gift this week. While Ryan was at the VMAC to sign his one-day deal that ended his NFL career, Love met him in the lobby to give him a gift: A box of cigars. There were no hard feelings between the players.

Love congratulated Ryan on his retirement and then said, "I wanted to get you some cigars." The moment was not missed by Ryan, however, who thanked Love for the gift and said, "No hard feeling there" and "nothing but respect." Class by both players.

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