5 key players the Seattle Seahawks must keep quiet in Week 3 vs. Panthers

Seattle secondary hopes to look better against a struggling Carolina passing offense.
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Seattle Seahawks must keep Frankie Luvu quiet

Luvu has been in the NFL for six years now but didn't really get a chance to start until last year. He turned that opportunity into success as he had 111 tackles, 7 sacks, 9 quarterback hits, and 19 tackles for loss. That last number would have led the 2022 Seahawks by 7. But Luvu picked up this year where he left last season and he already has 2.5 sacks, 4 QB hits, and 3 tackles for loss in two games.

All of those last numbers would be at least tied for the Seahawks current lead if not the actual leader through two games for Seattle. The Panthers defensively have performed a bit better than Seattle so far in 2023, but that's not because they are loaded with talent. Seattle arguably has as much talent, if not more, than Carolina, but Carolina is executing better and players like Luvu are why.

Luvu is big enough to be impactful, but he isn't the biggest player or the fastest. He just knows his fit in the Panthers system and Carolina's system is a good fit for him. Seattle, meanwhile, more so tries to try to collect talent and then fit that talent into the scheme. At least, that's the way it seems because some players, such as the 2022 version of Michael Jackson, do well in Seattle and not other places. But some players, such as Sheldon Richardson, are good elsewhere but not with Seattle.

Luvu is the Panthers scheme has the ability to disrupt what the Seahawks are trying to do offensively. Keeping Geno Smith clean in Week 3 is going to go a long way toward a Seattle victory, but if Luvu is able to go off, Seattle's offense might be limited enough to have Carolina outscore them in a low-scoring game.