5 key players the Seattle Seahawks must keep quiet in Week 3 vs. Panthers

Seattle secondary hopes to look better against a struggling Carolina passing offense.
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Seattle Seahawks must keep Bryce Young quiet

A rookie quarterback coming into Seattle and winning a game? That shouldn't happen. This is especially true if that quarterback, in this specific case Carolina's QB Bryce Young, doesn't have a lot of great weapons at his disposal. If Young had been drafted by the San Francisco 49ers, for instance, I might be a lot more fearful, but not with the Carolina Panthers in Week 2.

The best receiver Young might have is veteran Adam Thielen. Thielen has had a very good career but he's not as fast as he once was so Seattle should worry about his deep speed. He has 9 catches in two games but he is only averaging 7.3 yards per reception. He;s become a possession receiver, but that could be tricky for Seattle.

The Seahawks still struggle with covering receivers over the middle of the field. Thielen is smart enough to know this and could go to Bryce Young before the game and say, "I know a way to get me 20 catches this game for just 80 yards but we will keep picking up first downs!" That might actually work for the Panthers too.

The key for Seattle against Young is not give the rookie a ton of confidence early in the game. If he starts off hot, he's probably only going to get better during the game. Bryce Young is going to be a very good quarterback one day, but we just don't want that to start in Week 3 when Carolina plays the Seahawks.