These four Seahawks likely won't be on the 2024 roster

Seattle currently has the least amount of cap space in the NFL.

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Finally, the Seahawks will move on from the one-trick pony

Darrell Taylor (Cap savings: $3,116,000)

Unlike Rhattigan, it will cost Seattle some cash to move on from Darrell Taylor: a whopping $20,000. That's the guaranteed money he received in his restructured contract. Yeah, yeah, I know all about how intrigued Coach Mike Macdonald is by Taylor. As quoted by Corbin Smith, Macdonald said, "I look forward to DT just coming in and competing every day. Talking to him, we want guys that are bought in on what we are doing on a day-to-day basis. I feel like he feels like he has a lot to prove as well."

That's precisely the issue with Taylor. He looks like he has a lot to offer every season, and then he underwhelms every season. Macdonald also brought up that the Seahawks' former second-round pick missed his entire rookie season with an injury, so his career got off to a rocky start, as opposed to the Rocky Top start we'd all hoped for.

Can we please, please move on from that narrative? Yes, we all know he missed his first year in the league. Just how many seasons does he get a pass for not developing in any way whatsoever since then? Taylor has had three full seasons on the field since then. In those 1,570 defensive snaps, he's posted 21.5 sacks. That's a decent number, but that's all he does.

According to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), he's accounted for just 60 tackles in all of those snaps. He's missed on another 21 attempts. That's an absolutely putrid rate of 25.9 percent. For reference, over his career, Boye Mafe has missed at half that rate, 12.8 percent. For those who insist that Macdonald can bring out the best - or beast - in Taylor, I really hope so.

The thing is, Boye Mafe had the same coaching staff as Taylor. He had the same opportunities as Taylor and passed him by. I believe Macdonald will discover what most 12s have known all along. At the end of the first half of the Hawks' second preseason game, John Schneider will be working the phones to send Taylor to the Titans for a sixth-round pick and a bag of Nashville Chicken. At least there, his heroics for the Tennessee Vols will earn him some cachet.