These four Seahawks likely won't be on the 2024 roster

Seattle currently has the least amount of cap space in the NFL.

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Anybody got a kicker? I could use one now

Jason Myers (Savings post-June 1st trade: $3,635, 000)

Myers is the only player of the group the Seahawks would need to trade to maximize their savings. If he's released before June 1st, it would actually cost Seattle $3.65 million. A post-June 1st cut would save a whopping $100,000 off the cap and add $5.41 million to their dead cap for 2024. A pre-June 1st trade would be even worse, as it would cost the Hawks $115,000 to trade him and add $5.6 million to their dead cap. Sure, those figures could be adjusted if the receiving team covers part of that hit, but why would they?

If Myers is traded after June 1st - well, you already read it. The Hawks save over $3.6 million this season. We know why the Seahawks might be willing to move on from Myers. His performance dropped considerably from 2022 to 2023. Pro Football Focus (subscription required) rated him as the eighth-best kicker in 2022, but just 24th last year. That tends to happen when your field goal percentage drops from 92.1 to 83.3 percent. The biggest drop-off was in long kicks. He was 7-7 in 50+ yard kicks in 2022, but fell off to 4-8 last season.

I'm sure we all remember he had a terrible season in 2021. Myers only converted 17 of 23 attempts and was just 6-10 at 40 yards or more. And then he bounced back in 2023 with a stellar year. I don't have many doubts that he could do the same this year. But this year, Seattle can save some serious dough by moving him. I'd be happy if the Seahawks kept him, but $3.6 million is a lot of savings, especially when you have the least cap space in the league.

I'm sure you're asking why anyone would trade for Myers, if he had such a bad season, right? Last year Will Lutz of the Saints was coming off two back-to-back seasons of decline with the Saints. But New Orleans was still able to trade him to Denver. What, the Broncos trading for a player with fading talent? Unbelievable, I know. Meanwhile, the Patriots traded Nick Folk after he had an iffy 2023 campaign - he only made 8-14 kicks at 40+ yards.

In both cases, the trade was for a seventh-round pick. So while it might seem preposterous that a team would trade for a kicker after a down year, it happens, and could certainly happen again. Obviously, the Seahawks would have to find a free agent to bring in for a competition. But as we've seen, Mike Macdonald isn't exactly tied to any current Hawks player out of sentiment. Nor should he be. If trading Jason Myers puts Seattle in a position to win more games - or moving on from any of these players - it's the right move.

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