These four Seahawks likely won't be on the 2024 roster

Seattle currently has the least amount of cap space in the NFL.

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Sometimes, the third cut is the deepest

Michael Jackson (Cap savings: $3,116,000)

Now we're back in Jon Rhattigan territory, at least in terms of dead cap hit. It would cost Seattle exactly zero dollars to move on from Michael Jackson Sr., whether he's released or traded, and no matter when that occurs. Now, if you want to talk about what it would cost the Seahawks on the field, that's an entirely different story. This is the one move that I really hate.

Yeah, I'm sure you hate it enough for both of us. I'm sure I'll hear about this one if nothing else. PFF graded Jackson above Riq Woolen and Tre Brown last season. Also according to PFF, Jackson drew zero penalties; Brown and Woolen were flagged nine times, and even Witherspoon drew five penalties. Yes, penalties on a cornerback aren't necessarily bad; it may simply mean that they're playing aggressively.

That's certainly the case for Spoon. But Jackson is the only corner with at least two starts who didn't surrender a single touchdown. Yep, he missed too many tackles. He whiffed on 12.8 percent of his attempts. Only Witherspoon was better though, and he missed on 12.1 percent of his shots.

At 6'1" and 210 lbs, Jackson has great size for the position, That's especially true when you consider his main competitor for a roster spot, Tre Brown. Brown checks in at 5'10" and 186 pounds. Their 40 times are nearly identical, with Brown having the slight edge, 4.42 to 4.45. That three-hundredths of a second of extra speed means a bit less when it's delivered with 24 fewer pounds behind it, though. Depending on your source, there simply isn't that much to separate the two.

So it all comes down to their contracts. Moving Jackson would save the Seahawks $3.1 million, while Tre Brown's proposed departure shaves just $1.05 million off Seattle's cap. Unfortunately, that's a clear choice. Jackson would be the last of these four I'd release, though, that's for certain.