4 players the Seattle Seahawks might claim after final roster cuts in 2023

NFL teams have to make final roster cuts on Tuesday and the Seahawks could add a couple of players from those waived.

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The Seattle Seahawks and every other NFL team have to announce their final roster decisions by Tuesday, August 29th. Seattle might have a couple of surprise roster moves of their own. The players that follow on this list have all been rumored to be cut candidates by their own teams, and they could be players Seattle can use.

I only have one offensive player on this list. Seattle still needs proven depth at wide receiver. Heck, they might need proven depth at running back as well.

But the Seahawks do need to find some more depth defensively. My focus here was mostly along the defensive line. None of the players here will be expected to be Pro Bowlers, but they certainly might help Seattle in run support.

Seattle Seahawks could sign defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw

Our friends at FanSided's 49ers site, Niner Noise, think Kinlaw is a lock to make the 53-man roster, and they know better than I do. But I have also seen various outlets say they think Kinlaw could be a surprise cut on Tuesday. Kinlaw hasn't done much since he's been in the NFL, and that is a little surprising in itself. He plays on a terrific defense and one might think he could put that to his use since he sees more one-on-one blocking.

Still, Kinlaw has been on a number of other lists as a surprising cut candidate. Kinlaw was a first-round pick in 2020, but he's had issues staying on the field. He's either been hurt or not as productive as hoped. In the last two years he has only played in 10 games. But he has excellent size at 6'5" and 320 pounds and fits a need the Seahawks currently have. That is that Seattle needs to find more depth along the defensive line.

Sometimes players simply benefit from a change of scenery. Plus, if the 49ers were to cut Kinlaw, he should be extra-motivated to ball out against his former team at least twice a season when the Seahawks play the 49ers. Kinlaw also has been healthy for most of training camp and the preseason and is in the final year of his rookie deal and will want to prove he deserves a big contract in 2024.