4 players the Seattle Seahawks might claim after final roster cuts in 2023

NFL teams have to make final roster cuts on Tuesday and the Seahawks could add a couple of players from those waived.
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Seattle Seahawks could sign nose tackle Rashard Lawrence

Taking a player off of another NFC West rival? Maybe. The Cardinals would probably give up their best players for a good song nowadays. But Lawrence isn't exactly one of their best players, but he has solid experience at nose tackle and has good size at 6'2" and 310 pounds. He isn't going to offer much in terms of pass rush but Seattle doesn't need him to. The Seahawks just need someone who can eat up blockers in run support.

According to Pro Football Focus, Lawrence graded out at a solid, but not great, 63.8 against the run last year. But he only played in five games. In 2021, he played in 11 and his run defense grade was even better. He also had 5 total pressures from his nose guard spot. Again, that's not a huge amount but anything is almost better than what Seattle got from their nose guards last year.

Lawrence is also just 25 years old so he has a number of years to get better. I wouldn't expect him to come in and be the starter, either. But again, if Reed has to slide over to more a defensive end role then Lawrence could take his spot and use his size and experience to hopefully help slow down the other team's run game.

Of course, it is possible that none of the players mentioned here are released. They all have been mentioned as cut candiates, however. And to be honest, the Seahawks might surprise us with a few roster cuts of their own.

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