7 Seahawks moves John Schneider still needs to make this offseason

Seattle needs to fix some things before next season.

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The Seahawks have to think beyond the 2024 season at some position groups

Seattle is in an odd way in some situations. For instance, the running back group is what it is and will remain so for the next two seasons, at least. Most of the defensive line is signed through 2025 as well. But therein lies part of the problem. Seattle made a wholesale change at linebacker this offseason but Tyrel Dodson and Jerome Baker were only signed to one-year deals. In 2025, Seattle currently only has $38,543,674 in cap room, according to Spotrac. This sounds like a lot until one realizes that number ranks 24th in the league currently.

The point is did Seattle sign Dodson and Baker in hopes they would be around for more than a season? If so, they might be due pay raises. Plus, while Leonard Williams is now signed through 2026, his cap hit grows from $10.4 million next season to $29.15 million in 2025. Dre'Mont Jones' cap hit goes from a bit over $18 million in 2024 to over $23 million in 2025. To make more room next offseason, Schneider might have to cut these players if they do not do well in 2024.

Schneider must work out an extension with Julian Love

Love likely exceeded what the Seahawks hoped he could do in 2023. In fact, 12s know he did. We know this because while former defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt was spending some of the midseason games trying to fit round-peg Jamal Adams into a square hole, Love was not playing as much. When Love did play later in the season, he was so good that his fellow players around the league noticed and voted him into the Pro Bowl.

Love is also only 26 years old and could play at a high level for several more seasons. He also likely might have his best season working under Mike Macdonald as Macdonald will be in full control of the defense. He will know the best situations to put Love in and Love has shown he can excel at either free safety or strong safety. Love's cap hit in 2024, his final season under his current contract, is $8,090,000. Giving him an extension before he hits free agency is going to cost the Seahawks more, but Love will be worth it.